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" I will call in every favor, every debt owed to Celaena Sardothien, to my parents, to my bloodline. And then … " She looked toward the sea, toward home. " A n d t h e n I a m g o i n g t o r a t t l e t h e s t a r s . "

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OTP Material [see the captions]

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ANOTHER MEME I WON’T FINISH — 3/20 favourite movies

"I love you. Most ardently." - Pride and Prejudice (2005).

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Clockwork Princess: A Not-Really-Review by tumblr user likechildreninafairytale


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Lifescouts: Empire State Building Badge

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My dear twin Jenny and I ventured up to the observation deck, but my favorite memory with this was actually outside the building. We were attempting to navigate from our hotel to the entrance, and on the way was one of the neon-jacket-wearing salespeople who tries so very hard to get us to buy some $100+ ticket to bypass the line. We listened to his little speech but told him, sorry, we’ll go check out the line first. He tried veeery hard to get us to buy the tickets, said: Oh no, you’re going to go see the REALLY LONG LINE and then buy tickets from someone else! We awkwardly left and promised that we’d come back in that case. Then we get to the entrance and find there are literally 4 people in line. We had a great time, then on the way back, we took a long route to avoid the dude we said we’d return to. Oops. Socially awkward twins unite!

SEE THAT’S WHY WE’RE TWINS! This was my highlight too and I was worried I might be weird, but no, apparently it’s awesome! Poor dude, he knew he lost the moment we left XD I have my ticket here which was like the worse you could get and it was just $22 with no waiting in lines cause thankfully very few people go there on midnight. I guess being trained in staying up late due to fangirling issues is helpful for trips :D

And apart from this poor dude, my other favorite moment was when my dear twin’s nice digital camera only took photos that appeared shaken due to the wind and the other weather phenomena we witnessed in that height, but my ancient video camera was able to shoot things fine. IN YOUR FACE TECHNOLOGY!

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I’m like a swan. Seems like I’m not doing anything, but there’s a lot of work going on underneath.



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“Will I do, Carson?”

“Very nicely, My Lady.”

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next time, don’t stand on ceremony

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You are the liar Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it. And you’re lying to me, you’re lying to Stefan and most of all you’re lying to yourself. 

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